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    Help Your LGBTQ Friend to Overcome Drug Addiction

    Having an LGBTQ friend that is addicted to drugs can feel overwhelming. You may sincerely desire to assist them to overcome addiction but not know how to help or what exactly to do. If you bring the wrong attitude or say something wrong, they can easily feel hurt. That’s because most LGBTQ people are super […] More

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    A Guide to Replacement Windows and Doors

    The decision has been made and you are moving ahead with the remodeling of your home. How exciting and scary, all at the same time. Taking on a remodel has myriad of benefits, some of which are noticed immediately while others are long term. And it’s those long term benefits that sometimes are overlooked. One […] More

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    6 Date Night Movies to Get Your Heart Racing

    Want to make your next date night something to remember? Tune into a riveting horror movie with some great jump scares. Or maybe you’d prefer a romantic flick with a moral message or an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Whatever your yen, the following six classics guarantee a fantastic night with your sweetheart. 1. Kill Bill What would […] More

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    How to Pack for a Weekend Trip to the Mountains

    A trip to the mountains is a perfect opportunity to get away from the crowd, relax and enjoy the fresh air. Depending on the type of mountain, the trip will probably require a bit more items than your regular trip to another city, for example. That is why we are here to help you pack […] More

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    For all the Single Parents just trying to make it work

    First and foremost, I praise you for getting this far. So pat yourself on the back, grab a glass of wine, and relax for a second. I’ve only been an official mother for right at 2 months now, and I commend every one of you. I understand your struggle. Now don’t get me wrong, I […] More

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    9 Ways Pole Dancing Reminded Me that I’m a Sexy B!tch

    After a breakup, many people lose some amount of self-confidence.  It just happens and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I have been told numerous times that an exercise routine can really distract you and help you get through a breakup. Now, I’m not much of gym person.  My interest level and […] More

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    Being Single With a Monogamous Mind

    You’ve got that old-school way of thinking when it comes to dating. You believe in one person at a time and that chivalry isn’t dead. You want marriage and children and a happy home. You want the one person on your mind to be the only person you want to cuddle with and take care […] More

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    I’m So Over Boys and Their BS, I Want a Real Man and Respect

    These days it seems that there are more and more men who think that sending nudes and trying to have sex with all the women they can is cute. What it really is, is disrespectful. Most women demand more respect than that. They don’t want to send you pictures of their bra and underwear, or […] More

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    Tips to Make Your Garage Sale Stand Out

    It’s a beautiful, sunny day and you’ve finally decided to clear out your garage. Yard sales are great because we can earn a bit of money while giving away items that are doing nothing except cluttering up our home. While these events can be fun and interesting, what if it doesn’t work out? Perhaps a […] More

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    Timeless Fashion for Women To Always Be In Style

    One crucial hint to staying fashionable is realizing the importance of fashion classics. But, since fashion trends are ever-changing, it becomes a difficulty to keep in style if you don’t have the money to acquire new outfits now and then. However, some staples will give you a stylish look for each season. Luckily, you can […] More

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    Features for the Best Couple-Friendly Mattress

    Something that oftentimes gets overlooked when a couple decides to live together is what is the best, most quality mattress for both individuals to get optimal rest. Let’s face it, every couple needs a mattress for the most exciting of bedroom activities (*wink*) and oh yeah some good sleep. Choosing a mattress for a couple […] More

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